Friday Favorites no. 065 | links from the week


It’s been a pretty tough week so I am more than happy to welcome the weekend! Looking forward to brunch this weekend, and the chance to work on some projects.

Ah, weekend bliss. Leggo!

Hope you guys have a super fab one, xx.

Life is often full and busy. But I like to take time to enjoy some of my favorite things. So Friday Favorites is a weekly series where I share my favorite(s) for the week. Check out my other Friday Favorites here.

Friday Favorites no. 064 | links from the week


  • So fun discovering personality types.
  • Too bad this doesn’t make junk food good for you.
  • The cutest grocery list.
  • IKEA does it again. Plus the aesthetic is so good.
  • Intrigued by how this tastes. Guess I’ll have to make it to find out!
  • So much talent on this blog (look at those beautiful photos!).
  • Cute and easy DIYs like this are my favorite.

I actually have plans this weekend which I’ve looked forward to for quite a few weeks now, so I’m excited that it’s finally here! Maybe I’ll even get to sneak in some crafting time too.

Yay for Friday! Have a super good weekend xx.

Life is often full and busy. But I like to take time to enjoy some of my favorite things. So Friday Favorites is a weekly series where I share my favorite(s) for the week. Check out my other Friday Favorites here.

How to thrive and survive when life gets busy

Too busy? Here are 10 survival tips

Here’s what I’ve been feeling like lately all the time – busy.

And truthfully, I’ve also been feeling rather overwhelmed. It feels like things have been a little out of control around here with endless lists, deadlines and readings. And I feel like all I’m doing is just trying to catch up, keep up, and not fall behind.

So I’ve been thinking of how to step back and regroup so I can really embrace each moment of the day instead of constantly feeling stressed out and feeling like I’m just trying to keep up with everything.

10 tips for thriving and surviving when life gets busy

1. Spend less time online.

Whether reading blogs, or scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, I sometimes spend way more time online than I realize, or even dare to admit. Cutting out this time helps me to have more time to tackle what I need to complete.

2. Say ‘No’ to some things.

The truth is that I can’t do everything. And I won’t. So I’m saying no to some things in order to say yes to others. The hard part is just deciding what to say yes to.

3. Delegate.

This doesn’t mean avoiding responsibility. It just means being willing to let go of being in control of every single aspect of things.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Totally goes hand-in-hand with point 3. Asking for help also means being willing to partner with others and work alongside them.

5. Prioritize.

Like point 2, choosing what is important helps to eliminate the distractions and less important tasks.

6. Use pockets of time to get things done.

Whether it’s waiting for the train or the bus, use those in-between moments to get things done if possible. Because every little bit counts!

7. Make a list.

I love lists because they give me a visual picture of what needs to be done, instead of feeling like I have one million things floating around in my brain. Lists help things to be less overwhelming, because I now have a concrete action plan of what I need to do.

8. Slow down.

Instead of rushing around like crazy trying to get things done, sometimes I like to slow down and take time to relax, breathe, take a break, and do something I enjoy amidst the busyness. This gives me a moment to regroup and think things through logically. It also gives me a chance to be refreshed before tackling everything that needs to be done.

9. Stop worrying.

Worrying doesn’t help because it doesn’t change anything. So I try to remember to stop worrying and get to work instead.

10. Stay focused.

Sometimes, being distracted by social media or less important things contributes to the sense of being overwhelmed because it disrupts my workflow, making my time less productive and efficient. So shut off distractions and stay focused.

More than anything else, this is a list of reminders for myself because life is a work in progress. I’m constantly looking for ways to apply these tips to my life, especially during overwhelming seasons like now.

What tips do you have for not just surviving, but thriving when life gets busy or overwhelming? Let me know in the comments!

Mark all as read


One evening, I accidentally hit “mark all as read” on all 183 unread blog posts in my bloglovin’ feed.

After I realized what had happened, I had a little panic moment as I wondered how I would find and catch up on all those unread blog posts.

Once the “shock” of the moment had passed, I actually realized it was rather freeing realizing that I didn’t have to go back and “catch up” on all 183 unread blog posts. I could always just go and catch up on my favorite blogs if/when I wanted to – no strings attached. I could just read the blog posts that interested me and caught my eye; I didn’t have to feel guilty or obligated to read every single post.

It’s crazy how something so fun as reading blogs can become a chore if you let it.

Since that day, I’ve found myself skipping and skimming over more posts so I can truly maximize my time online and read whatever is most relevant to me. After all, there is so much information available and it’s really up to you how you process everything and take it all in.

So actually, I’m pretty glad I ended up accidentally hitting that “mark all as read” button after all.

This is one of those things that ended up being a blessing in disguise.

Because sometimes, it’s good to reset and start from zero. Sometimes, it’s good to spend less time online so you can do more offline.

Friday Favorites no. 063 | links from the week


Sometimes, I don’t make weekend plans and end up just going with the flow. That’s probably what’s going to happen this week and I’m all ready for it.

Happy Fridayyyy! xx.

Life is often full and busy. But I like to take time to enjoy some of my favorite things. So Friday Favorites is a weekly series where I share my favorite(s) for the week. Check out my other Friday Favorites here.

Project Life 2014 | week 19


Week of: 5 May to 11 May, 2014

What happened this week: Not much happened during the week, but we celebrated Mother’s Day and had a steak dinner over the weekend. That was definitely a good way to end the week.

Left-hand side


Used some MAMBI cards, stamps from Kelly Purkey and my friend Kellie (can you spot something from her upcoming April release?), and included a sticker from Shimelle’s first line.


Right-hand side


More MAMBI cards and stickers. Plus enamel dots and gold chipboard from Studio Calico.


Techniques used: Super simple this week – stamping, tiny attach everything and stickers! And I love it when I get to include memorabilia too, like that name card from a café we visited.


Thoughts: This is one of those spreads where the yellow and red color scheme didn’t really feel like my “style”, since I picked up those colors from the photos. Maybe I was just having a hard time with the color tone of the photos in general. But I worked with what I had and made the most of it by adding all my favorites (like gold and stamping on photos).

This spread is one of those weeks that I don’t super love but that’s okay because I’m embracing it anyway. Who knows, this spread just might grow on me in the end.

Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. I’m embarking on this year-long project to document all my memories in 2014. You can see my other Project Life posts here.