Friday Favorites no. 035 | links from the week


Last week was so, so tough. But this week turned out to be much better. I guess sometimes you need to hit the bottom before going up, right? I’m still adjusting to having a full term of classes and learning the act of balancing work + play. But at least I have plans this weekend, so here’s to a stress-free weekend!

I hope you have a good one, xx.

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22 recipes | angel hair with zucchini and tomatoes


Angel Hair with Zucchini and Tomatoes by Skinny Taste

I can’t believe this is the third last recipe for the 22 list. Time certainly flies with less than a week to go until I write yet another list for a new year.

Anyhow, before I get all sappy on you, this is one pasta we enjoyed for dinner during one of the evenings. It’s a vegetarian dish, but still so delicious (and quite healthy) you wouldn’t miss not having any meat.

I also love how the crushed red pepper flakes added an extra punch to the whole dish. Pretty yummy, overall!


20 down, 2 to go.

The 22 recipes are part of my 22 list, a list of 22 things I’m working to accomplish while I’m twenty-two. Check out my other 22 recipes here.

Creative Conversations no. 011 | chatting with Marta Andilla

I discovered Marta when she was featured on Caylee’s blog. Then I promptly followed her on Instagram and fell in love with her style and design aesthetic. Marta incorporates color in such amazing ways on her projects and she is one of the sweetest people I know. I’m so glad she found scrapbooking and had the courage to take the plunge to create! I’m always inspired by her, and I’m sure you will be too. Welcome to the blog, Marta!


Tell me about yourself. Hi there! My name is Marta and I am 33. I live on my own in Hospitalet, a city close to Barcelona, Spain. I work 9-6p.m in the tourism industry. After that, I do what I really love: scrapbooking and blogging. Specifically, what I love the most is playing with my Project Life.

What is one weird or interesting fact about you? I love to write sci fi or fantasy short stories, also comic plots.

From time to time, I get hit by an idea or a character and I need to write it down. It is one of the most exciting things that I have felt!


What do you do to express your creativity? I mostly work on my Project Life but I also love to find new ways of expressing myself. For instance, some weeks ago, I discovered calligraphy is a fascinating way to soothe myself.

I also love art journaling and writing.


How did you get started doing this? I have never felt myself as an especially talented or creative person, but I learnt the best way to find yourself and discover amazing things is pushing yourself a little bit out of your safe zone. So, one day, I saw an ad about a scrapbooking workshop in my town and I decided to try it out. It was one of the most scary and disturbing things that I did (I sweated and sometimes I wanted to cry of embarrassment on the following workshops for months) but it also was super fun and challenging so I started my quest of finding out more about this hobby until now.

What do you love most about what you do to be creative? Project Life and mini albums are my fave.


Who or what inspires you? It inspires me words and emotions. People who write/tell and instill emotions and stories with a few words. People who are capable of writing raw and people who encourage you to be a better person. And if this is coming along with beautiful images or Project Life spreads, that is a total win for me! :D

How do you stay inspired? What do you do when you feel stuck or uninspired? I must say that I usually find inspiration when I am working so I normally don’t go around trying to find inspiration. I have a strong desire to create and I have to sit down and do it.

I love to look at other’s people works. It blows my mind but I also feel easily discouraged because I compare myself. I try not to do it, but if I am having a bad week I do not realize it and I enter on a roller coaster all the way down. So I stay away from inputs: IG, blogs, facebook until I am OK.

If I am working on something and I feel uninspired I walk away of what I am doing. Usually, cleaning the dishes or leaving home and doing something totally different (like dancing) is what helps me the most.


Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to be creative? I always feel it is hard for me to answer this question. The simple way to said it is that it makes me feel SO GOOD that I just can’t stop it. Before crafting, I always felt a little lost and without a specific path in my life. With everything that I do now, I have found a new dimension of content.

Describe your creative style. Currently: Fresh, bold, and fun!


Name your top five favorite tools or products.

  1. Cards
  2. Stamps
  3. Tiny alphas
  4. Masks
  5. Sprays

Are you an early bird or a night owl? When are you most productive? I love mornings but I am most productive when I am fully awake in the afternoons. I never can sleep more than 4 hours straight so I tend to feel sleepy!


What project(s) are you currently working on? At this moment, I am following Olya’s challenge: Project Life catch up and I would also love to find time to change the design of my blog.


If you had to be a color in a crayon box, which color would you be? Hot pink!…lemon yellow! Agh! Can’t decide! :D

If you could possess a super power, which one would you choose? The power over time. Going back and forward and look at events. How fun would be watching at your self when you were little or watching Michelangelo painting!


What is your favorite quote? “Make it happen” has come along with me since I started this journey. Now, I think I would change it to “Let it happen” :D

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Project Life 2014 | week 12


Week of: 17 to 23 March 2014

What happened this week: In contrast with the week before, this week was pretty routine. It seems like there’s a trend with one week being pretty exciting(ish), and the week after being a little quieter. But I’m totally fine with that.

That said, some highlights this week included new scrapbook supplies (yay!) and a lovely letter from Vanessa.

Left-hand side


For some reason, I kinda love those gold stars in the corner of the bottom left photo.


Techniques: On the left-hand side, I used embroidery thread and hand-stitched a border along the heart-shaped card in the middle row. I also stapled a Roundabout days tag to the middle of the top right photo.


Right-hand side


I included the “Thankful” sticker from MAMBI because I thought it made a good combination with Vanessa’s beautiful handwriting of Robert Downey Jr’.’s quote, “There is unpanned gold in every soul you run into.” (She also has a free printable of it here.)


I stapled a wood veneer star onto a 3×4 card from Amy Tangerine’s Cut and Paste collection.



And more gold stickers on photos.


Thoughts: No photos of people this week but I still love how this spread came together. I think kraft and gold make a pretty good combination.

So glad that week 12 is in the books!

Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. I’m embarking on this year-long project to document all my memories in 2014. You can see my other Project Life posts here.

22 recipes | one-pot french onion pasta


One-pot French Onion Pasta by Joy the Baker

One-pot pasta dishes might be my new favorite thing nowadays. I love how simple and easy it is to put everything together, yet still have such delightful flavors. I especially enjoyed those caramelized onions, mmm. Plus, the arugula adds a delicious dimension to this dish.

Although the recipe calls for Parmesan cheese, I just used Mozzarella because that’s what I had on hand and I just needed some cheesy goodness with this.

I’m adding this to my go-to list of recipes whenever I need a quick meal!

19 down, 3 to go.

The 22 recipes are part of my 22 list, a list of 22 things I’m working to accomplish while I’m twenty-two. Check out my other 22 recipes here.

Project Life 2014 | week 11


Week of: 10 to 16 March 2014

What happened this week: Quite a few highlights this week, including visiting my friend’s brand-new baby girl, my photo being featured on Becky Higgin’s Instagram feed (that’s a highlight, right?), having dinner with my parents and friends, and finally removing the probation plate off the car for good!

Techniques: No earth-shattering new techniques this week. But stamping on photos is still my go-to technique when there’s empty space on a photo. Also, I trimmed a 3×4 Project Life card to make a journaling spot in the bottom left-hand corner.

Left-hand side



Right-hand side




Thoughts: The Studio Calico printable labels made an appearance this week. But overall, I’m still going with my familiar favorites – wood veneers, gold, washi tape, and stamps. Doesn’t get old.

I still have plenty of catching up to do, but I’m plodding right along with this project.

In case you missed it, I shared my Project Life catch-up progress here earlier this week.

Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. I’m embarking on this year-long project to document all my memories in 2014. You can see my other Project Life posts here.

22 recipes | chocolate chip muffins


Chocolate Chip Muffins by Sally’s Baking Addiction

I saw a photo of chocolate chip muffins on Instagram awhile back and I’ve been wanting to bake some of them ever since. I finally had the opportunity to bake some a couple weekends ago and found this recipe.

As I type this post, I now realize that I forgot to sprinkle the sugar on top of the muffins as the recipe suggests. But even sans sugar, these muffins were plenty delicious and wholly satisfied my chocolate chip muffin craving.


This recipe came together really easily and quickly. Instead of making large, bakery-style muffins, I made mini muffins instead for a breakfast meeting. Although I’m pretty sure they would taste delicious either way.

In fact, these were so delicious that I made them again the next weekend. Mmm.


To me, these muffins taste the best when they’re fresh from the oven. But really, they still taste good the next day and the next. If they even last that long, that is.

18 down, 4 to go.

The 22 recipes are part of my 22 list, a list of 22 things I’m working to accomplish while I’m twenty-two. Check out my other 22 recipes here.